Thursday, July 14, 2005


An exciting opportunity has presented itself to this humble writer, which will cause some changes in when I post here and where I post usually.

I, along with Craig over at Warning Track Power, have been asked to become part of the We will both be collaborating under the banner of Royals Authority.

Craig and I are planning to alternate posting days during the week, which will allow both of us to spend a little more time with each post as opposed to 'cranking' out a post each and every day. Those of you who read both Op-Ed and WTP will hopefully be delighted with our new site and product.

I have not forsaken the Op-Ed Page completely, however, and plan to post once every weekend and maybe another time during the week on the A.L. Central and baseball in general. For daily opinions, stats and flat out rants on the Royals from both Craig and myself, I hope all of you will join us over Royals Authority.

If you are typing in the link itself, here you go:

Thanks to everyone who has read this blog in the past and I hope you all join us over at The Authority.


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Congrats to you as well -- everybody's going all corporate on me. First Kevin, now you and Craig.

Well, you deserve it. I'll see ya over there.


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