Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Closing It Out

I have come to the realization that the Op-Ed Page needs to be retired due to neglect. As such, I want to thank everyone who visited this site during the year and helped it become popular and led to my joining the MostValueableNetwork. Barring a change in circumstances, I will no longer be posting at this site on anything but an extremely sporadic basis, if at all.

Please be sure to catch me at the following TWO sites:

ROYALS AUTHORITY - For all my Royals opinions and analysis, plus those of Craig Brown of Warning Track Power. We alternate weekdays and seldom go a day without posting. Also, great links to other Royal sites from there, too. Hey, we both managed to post through an 106 loss season, imagine what we will do if KC becomes a contender!

BIG RED ANALYSIS - No, not a Nebraska football site, but one devoted to Nebraska Cornhusker basketball. Yes, I know a Royals fan AND a Husker basketball fan, yet I still manage to get up every morning. A new site that will dissect Nebraska basketball and college ball in general.

For those of you following my series on the Royals, Twins and A's from the mid 90's to the present, I posted part five of that series over at Royals Authority this morning. Thanks again, everyone, and I hope you join us at the above two sites.